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Application case of temperature control switch for fish tank heater - VA1 thermostat

Application case of temperature control switch for fish tank heater - VA1 thermostat

Jul 26 , 2022

Speaking of aquarium heater, fish lovers should all know that they should be placed in the fish tank to ensure that the temperature of the water keeps the fish in the proper temperature range. How to keep the water temperature at a suitable temperature requires that the aquarium heater can be maintained at a constant temperature. To achieve this effect, the temperature control switch is indispensable. Today, let's take a look at the application of the temperature control switch of the fish tank heater and how it controls the temperature of the aquarium heater.

temperature sensor ptc

The fish tank heater serves to keep the temperature of the aquarium water constant and maintain the temperature and characteristics suitable for fish farming. Once there is a problem with the heater, the temperature of the water cannot be maintained at a constant value, then the survival of the fish will be very dangerous. If it is not seen in time, the situation of the fish will be very bad. Now the most common fish tank heater on the market is the heater with integrated temperature control. Its working principle is very simple: a temperature control switch is placed inside the heater. Use this to automatically disconnect the power supply when the set temperature is reached. When you set a temperature, it will automatically sense the temperature. When the water temperature in your fish tank is lower than the set temperature, it will start heating, and when the water temperature is higher than a certain temperature, it will stop heating .

If you want the fish tank to achieve a constant temperature, you must use a constant temperature thermostat, and the disconnection temperature and the recovery temperature cannot be too different. Generally, the temperature control range is 20~30℃. Since the temperature control switch does not directly contact water, the temperature control switch temperature should be selected according to the actual situation to prevent and control the temperature inaccuracy.

The HCET thermostatic temperature control switch model has a VA1 thermostat. This model is suitable for low-voltage electricity. The temperature difference is about 5°C, which can effectively control the temperature of the fish tank. If you don’t know which model to choose, you can try the VA1 series.

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