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Electric motorcycle lithium battery temperature control switch customization

Electric motorcycle lithium battery temperature control switch customization

Aug 12 , 2022

Both electric skateboards and electric bicycles are widely used for transportation. As an important core component, the battery is also very important to protect it. Especially in summer, the battery is particularly prone to overheating. When the battery is overheated for a long time, it will not only lead to a reduction in service life and also cause safety hazards, so the temperature control switch of the lithium battery plays a very important role.

bimetal thermal cutoff switch

Guangdong Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and marketing of digital batteries, industrial batteries, power batteries, energy storage battery cells, battery pack production, packaging and system integration. In the near future, they plan to mass-produce electric motorcycle lithium batteries, which need to be used for a long time. They decided to cooperate with a professional temperature control switch manufacturer. The battery specification is 10A/36V. We recommend HCET-A temperature switch. After many comparisons,our customer decided to choose HCET products. In the process of communication, in addition to asking our customer about the specific electrical parameters of the battery, he also further understood the actual application of the temperature control switch and other special requirements. Our customer proposed that the temperature control switch should be small and easy to install. After they tried the sample, our customer said that the performance is stable and the size is suitable for a long period of time. At present, a large number of orders have been placed. Haichuan has been specializing in the production of temperature-controlled switches for 20 years. The products are reliable in performance and sensitive in temperature sensing, and have been well received by customers.


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