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HC02 thermal protector thermal cut off terminal 90 degrees

HC02 thermal overload protector is responsible for detecting when the temperature of the system exceeds the set threshold, and cut off the circuit when overheating or overcurrent.

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HC02 thermal overload protector thermal cut off sensata


Thermal overload protectors are an essential safety feature for any electrical system. They are designed to protect the system from damage caused by excessive heat, and they can be found in a variety of applications, from industrial machinery to household appliances.HC02 thermal protector works by detecting when the temperature of a system exceeds a certain threshold and then automatically shutting off power to the system until it cools down.This helps prevent damage to components and wiring due to overheating.

HC02 Thermal overload protectors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on their application. Some are designed for use with motors, while others are designed for use with other types of electrical systems. The benefits of using thermal overload protectors include increased safety, improved efficiency, and longer equipment life.



1.Plastic housing design

The shell of the HC02 thermal protector is made of environmentally friendly plastic material PBT, which not only has good insulation, but also has better high temperature resistance and stability. Strictly comply with ROHS environmental protection standards.

2.High-quality chips imported from the United States

In order to make our products more accurate, reliable, synchronous, and more sensitive to temperature and current, our bimetal chips use raw materials imported from the United States.When your motor is overloaded, blocked, etc., HC02 thermal protector can quickly cut off the circuit and provide precise protection for your motor.

3.Small size

The size of each of our thermal protectors is very small, which is for the convenience of customers to install. Of course, the size can also be customized according to your requirements. As long as it meets your product, we will do our best to make it.

4.Contacts using AgNi alloy

The moving contact and the static contact are made of AgNi alloy, which can ensure a longer life of the thermal protector and a more accurate tripping time. The overload trip current value can be set according to your requirements, up to 30A. HC02 thermal protector trip time is very precise, within 4-10s.



Item No.


Electrical specifications

1~30amps/15volts DC

1~15amps/30volts DC

1~30amps/250volts AC

1~30amps/125volts AC

Operating temperature range


Temperature tolerance

± 8°C, ± 10°C

Trip off current range


Trip off time


Shell material


Shell size(mm)



Optional and customized


Product display

Bimetal thermostat temperature control


Size details

tailgate motor thermal protector

Bimetal thermostat temperature control


Packing & Delivery


Packed in standard export cartons.

If you have special packing requirements,please feel free to discuss with us,thank you.

Delivery time:

Delivery time for small orders:7-15 days.

Delivery time for special requirements orders:15-30 days.

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