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HCET-A bimetal thermal protector
HCET-A bimetal thermal protector
HCET-A bimetal thermal protector

HCET-A bimetal thermal protector for pet heating pads

Although the HCET-A thermal protector is small in size, it has a wide range of uses and a very powerful effect. Because of its very precise temperature control capability, it is often used in various heating pads.

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HCET-A bimetal thermal protector for pet heating pads


In winter, heat preservation is particularly important for some pets, such as hedgehogs, tortoises, hamsters, etc., to live at a suitable temperature, too high or too low is not good, so choosing suitable heating supplies for pets is very necessary.

Most pet lovers choose heating pads because using them is an easier way to keep warm. However, it is necessary to choose a heating pad with temperature control products to ensure that the occurrence of safety accidents is reduced.

HCET-A thermal switch widely used in heating pads and keep you safe while you use the heating pads.



1. High-quality chips imported from the United States

In order to make our products more accurate, reliable, synchronous, and more sensitive to temperature, our bimetal chips use raw materials imported from the United States.When your motor is overloaded, blocked, etc., TB02 thermal protector can quickly cut off the circuit and provide precise protection for your motor.

2. Small size

The size of each of our thermal protectors is very small, which is for the convenience of customers to install. Of course, the size can also be customized according to your requirements. As long as it meets your product, we will do our best to make it.

3. Silver contacts

The moving contact and the static contact are made of silver, which can ensure a longer life of the thermal protector and a more accurate tripping time. The HCET-A thermal switch temperature sensitive and very reliable.

4. Customizable terminals and wires

Here are a variety of terminals for you to choose from, and you can choose according to your installation needs.The length of the wire can also be customized according to your requirements, the default length is 70 mm.



Item No.


Electrical specifications

2.5A/250 VAC

5A/120 VAC

10A/12 VDC

5A/24 VDC

Operating temperature range


Temperature tolerance

± 3°C, ± 5°C

Housing material

Plastic and metal

Housing size(mm)


Wire No.

3398 22#


Product display

HCET-A thermal protector details

TB02 thermal switch details


Size details

HCET-A thermal protector size

HCET-A thermal switch size


Case analysis

The weather has been cold recently. For some pets, keeping warm is particularly important, such as hedgehogs, turtles, hamsters, etc., must live at a suitable temperature. Too high or too low is not good. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose suitable thermal products for pets.The most used warming product is the heating pad, which is the first choice of pet lovers. For the use of heating pads, safety should be paid attention to. The safety of heating pads is also a problem that is often mentioned. Today, we will learn about the temperature protection of pet pads based on a customer case.

The customer mentioned is a manufacturer specializing in the production of heating film, using heating film to make various heating products, such as electric blankets, heating cushions, floor heating, heating murals, etc. This time, they are looking for temperature protection components for pet mats.We all know that for products such as heating pads, there are many ways of safety protection, such as adding timers, anti-scalding nets, thermal protectors, etc. The most simple, convenient and effective way is to install a thermal protector.In the heating pad, in addition to a temperature controller to control the temperature, it is used to set the upper and lower limit temperatures to ensure that the temperature of the breeding box is stable within a range. There is also a relatively important protection element-the thermal switch. This element is installed to prevent the circuit from abnormally high temperature and burning the heating pad. It can detect the temperature. When the temperature of the heating pad exceeds the safe value, it can cut off the power in time to prevent a security incident occurred.

According to the information provided by the customer, the electrical parameters of the pet heating pad are: 220V,38W;the size of the thermal protector is required to be small. Based on these parameters, we recommend HCET-A bimetal temperature control switch to customers.

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What are the advantages of HCET-A thermal protector?

1. The electrical capacity of HCET-A thermal protector is enough to be used in the heating pad.

2. The size of HCET-A is small enough, the minimum can be 10*5*2mm, which is not obvious when placed in the heating pad.

3. HCET-A uses imported EMS chips, the sensitivity and accuracy are very high. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use the HCET-A bimetal temperature control switch in the pet heating pad.


Packing & Delivery


Packed in standard export cartons.

If you have special packing requirements,please feel free to discuss with us,thank you.

Delivery time:

Delivery time for small orders:7-15 days.

Delivery time for special requirements orders:15-30 days.

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