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HCET bimetal thermal protector customization process

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HCET bimetal thermal protector customization process

Nov 08 , 2022

1. Communication and negotiation.

Contact by phone or online, through initial communication, the salesman confirms whether the two sides can further cooperate. The customer can provide physical samples, electrical parameters or drawings of the motor thermal overload protector, and the salesman can initially evaluate whether it can be produced according to the order.

The salesman transfers the customer information and materials to our production department, and the engineer evaluates the process flow and the production cost of the product. The engineer can directly communicate with the customer about technical points, or send technical personnel to the customer for on-site evaluation.

2. Order processing.

After friendly communication between the two parties, signing the contract and collecting the corresponding deposit, the production order will be placed and the production will begin. The salesman will follow up at any time and report the production progress and arrangement to the customer so that the customer can keep abreast of the relevant information about electric thermal motor protector.

The production time of conventional products is 1-3 days, and the production time of special customized products is 3-7 days. It also depends on the order time.

3. Product shipment.

Shipping ways:SF,FedEx,UPS,EMS,DHL,TNT.

Delivery time:

Delivery time for small orders:7-15 days.

Delivery time for special requirements orders:15-30 days.

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S06 overload protector6AP overload protector


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