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HCET temperature control case - water pump temperature switch

HCET temperature control case - water pump temperature switch

Aug 11 , 2022

Water pump is a necessary motor equipment in people's daily life. If the pump finished working but the water pump does not stop running, the water pump may heat up due to the coil and cannot dissipate heat in the water. At this time, the water pump is easy to burn out. To solve this problem, a temperature switch is added to the water pump.

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One of our customers, Zhejiang ** Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale domestic pump enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales. The company specializes in all kinds of agricultural, household, and engineering construction, chemical, marine and other fields. R&D, manufacturing and sales of electric pumps and solar pumps. The customer found on the Internet that they wanted to add a temperature switch to the water pump to solve the problem of dry burning. At first, the customer just took some samples to try it out. After a series of experiments, he felt that the performance of HCET temperature switch was very stable, and finally began to formally cooperate after a few months.

Quality is the foundation of an enterprise, and only good quality enterprises can go further. Nanjing HCET has been focusing on temperature control switches for 20 years. It can solve the problems of overheating and overcurrent of various equipment for you.

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