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|KSD301 250v 10a thermostat switch for coffee maker
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KSD301 250v 10a
KSD301 250v 10a
KSD301 250v 10a

KSD301 250v 10a thermostat switch for coffee maker

KSD301 thermal protector is a snap-action bimetal thermostat.According to the nature of the action, it can be divided into normally open and normally closed.

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KSD301 bimetal thermostat switch for coffee maker


KSD301 bimetal thermostat is specially designed as a thermal control device for electronic disinfection cabinets, electric heating water bottles, water dispensers, coffee pots, coffee makers, sandwich toasters, etc. It has the characteristics of fast heat transfer response, large overflow, stable performance, and accurate temperature. It can also be used in household appliances, electronic instruments, and electronic control cabinets for overheating protection and cooling control.

KSD301 thermostat switch is divided into automatic reset and manual reset.



1. High-quality chips imported from the United States

When the home appliances work abnormally and the temperature rises, the heat is transmitted to the bimetal strip through the temperature-sensitive aluminum cover. When the trip temperature is reached, the bimetal strip turns over and the contact is quickly disconnected to cut off the circuit. When the temperature drops to the reset temperature, the bimetal resets and the circuit is turned on.

2. Reset Type: Automatic/Manual

The reset type of KSD301 thermostat is divided into automatic reset and manual reset, which can be customized according to your needs. Manual reset ensures a higher level of security protection.

3. Small size

The size of each of our thermal protectors is very small, which is for the convenience of customers to install. Of course, the size can also be customized according to your requirements. As long as it meets your product, we will do our best to make it.

4. Silver contact and bimetal sheet

The service life is the key. The service life of the KSD301 thermostat needs to take into account two key components. One is a bimetallic strip. The service life of different temperature strips will be very different, and of course the price is also very different. Another one is the contact.The on-off of the temperature control switch is realized by the connection and disconnection of the contact, so the contact needs to use materials and material thicknesses that can withstand a certain current and voltage.The silver contacts and high quality bimetal we use are for the extended service life of ksd301.



Item No.


Electrical specifications

12VDC/24VDC: 10A-15A

125VAC/250VAC: 10A-16A

Operating temperature range


Temperature tolerance

± 3°C, ± 5°C

Housing material

Aluminum alloy&Ceramics


Optional and customized



KSD301 thermal protector

Product display

KSD301 thermal protector

Size details

snap-action bimetal thermostat

Packing & Delivery


Packed in standard export cartons.

If you have special packing requirements,please feel free to discuss with us,thank you.

Delivery time:

Delivery time for small orders:7-15 days.

Delivery time for special requirements orders:15-30 days.

ksd301 thermostat factory

Why choose HCET


1. Method of earth: By means of the metal cup of thermostat connected in the earthing metal part.

2. The KSD301 thermostat should work in a general indoor environment where the relative air humidity is not more than 90%, and there is no corrosive gas, flammable gas and conductive dust.

3. When the thermostat switch is used to sense temperature of solid items , the cover should be close to the heating part of the controlled appliance, and the temperature sensing surface of the cover should be coated with heat-conducting silicone grease or other heat-conducting media with similar properties.

4. If the thermostat is used to sense the temperature of liquids or steam,it is recommended to use products with stainless steel covers, and there should be reliable leak-proof measures to prevent liquid from seeping into the insulating parts of the thermostat.

5. Do not collapse or deform the top of the cover, so as not to change the operating temperature or affect other performances.

6. Liquids must not penetrate inside the thermostat! The shell must be protected from excessive force to prevent cracks; the shell should be kept clean to prevent contamination by conductive substances, so as to avoid short-circuit breakdown due to reduced insulation performance.

7. Do not bend the terminals during use, otherwise it will affect the reliability of the electrical connection.



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