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battery pack thermal switch
battery pack thermal switch
battery pack thermal switch

KSD9700 HCET-A thermal switch for battery packs

Installing a thermal switch is an effective way to eliminate potential safety hazards in electric vehicle battery charging.

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HCET-A thermal protector can effectively prevent charging accidents


When the battery heats up for some reason and the surface temperature reaches above 50 degrees, the thermal switch will be automatically disconnected, and the charger will be forced to stop charging to prevent accidents. When the temperature drops, the switch will automatically close and return to normal. Because it is a normally closed thermal switch, if the switch fails, it will only be permanently disconnected, and there will be no permanent closure, so there will only be a situation where the battery cannot be charged, and there will be no overheating or stop charging.



1. High-quality chips imported from the United States

In order to make our products more accurate, reliable, synchronous, and more sensitive to temperature, our bimetal chips use raw materials imported from the United States.When your motor is overloaded, blocked, etc., TB02 thermal protector can quickly cut off the circuit and provide precise protection for your motor.

2. Small size

The size of each of our thermal protectors is very small, which is for the convenience of customers to install. Of course, the size can also be customized according to your requirements. As long as it meets your product, we will do our best to make it.

3. Silver contacts

The moving contact and the static contact are made of silver, which can ensure a longer life of the thermal protector and a more accurate tripping time. The HCET-A thermal switch temperature sensitive and very reliable.

4. Customizable terminals and wires

Here are a variety of terminals for you to choose from, and you can choose according to your installation needs.The length of the wire can also be customized according to your requirements, the default length is 70 mm.



Item No.


Electrical specifications

2.5A/250 VAC

5A/120 VAC

10A/12 VDC

5A/24 VDC

Operating temperature range


Temperature tolerance

± 3°C, ± 5°C

Housing material

Plastic and metal

Housing size(mm)


Wire No.

3398 22#


Product display

HCET-A thermal protector details

TB02 thermal switch details


Size details

HCET-A thermal protector size

HCET-A thermal switch size


Case analysis

Both electric skateboards and electric bicycles are widely used means of transportation. The battery is an important core component, so battery protection is also very important.Especially in summer, batteries are particularly prone to overheating problems. Overheating for a long time will not only lead to reduced lifespan but also hidden safety hazards. Therefore, the lithium battery thermal protector plays a very important role.

Guangdong K-Tech Energy is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and marketing of digital batteries, industrial batteries, power batteries, energy storage battery cells, battery packs, packaging and system integration.K-Tech Energy produced a large number of lithium batteries. The battery specification was 10A/36V.They decided to find a professional temperature control switch manufacturer for long-term cooperation. We recommend HCET-A bimetal thermal switch. After many comparisons, Manager Liu decided to choose HCET. During the communication process, In addition to asking Manager Liu about the specific electrical parameter requirements of the battery, it was also necessary to further understand the actual application and other special requirements. Manager Liu suggested that the bimetal temperature control switch should be small in size and easy to install.

HCET-A temperature cut off sensor Battery packs thermal switch

After the samples, Manager Liu said that our products are stable in performance and suitable in size. At present, K-Tech Energy has placed a large number of orders and established a long-term cooperative relationship with us. HCET has been specializing in the production of bimetal temperature control switches for more than 12 years. The reliable performance of the products and the sensitivity to temperature have won praise from customers.

What are the advantages of HCET-A thermal protector?

1. The electrical capacity of HCET-A thermal protector is enough to be used in the heating pad.

2. The size of HCET-A is small enough, the minimum can be 10*5*2mm, which is not obvious when placed in the heating pad.

3. HCET-A uses imported EMS chips, the sensitivity and accuracy are very high. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use the HCET-A bimetal temperature control switch in the pet heating pad.


Packing & Delivery


Packed in standard export cartons.

If you have special packing requirements,please feel free to discuss with us,thank you.

Delivery time:

Delivery time for small orders:7-15 days.

Delivery time for special requirements orders:15-30 days.

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Why choose HCET


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