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Water-filled submersible pump with thermal protector

Water-filled submersible pump with thermal protector

Aug 12 , 2022

The thermal protector should be able to follow the thermal overload caused by rapid or slow changes in temperature and current of the protected device, so it can closely match the thermal characteristics of the protected object. The correct choice can play a perfect combination of current and/or temperature, making the protection more comprehensive.

The water-filled submersible pump consists of a pump body and a motor in the pump body. During use, overload and overheating often occur, which can easily lead to damage to the motor or electric pump. To protect this type of submersible pump it is necessary to install a thermal protector in the motor.

pump overheat protection switch

The protection feature of the thermal protector is that it can effectively protect the protected equipment from overheating and overload caused by abnormal changes in temperature and current, so it can closely match the thermal characteristics of the protected object. To the perfect combination of current and temperature, the protection effect is more comprehensive.

The thermal protector installed in the water-filled submersible pump is generally installed on the inner winding of the motor or electric pump casing. When overcurrent or high temperature occurs, power-off protection can be performed to avoid phase loss of the motor or electric pump during operation. , which can effectively protect the motor or electric pump, but it should be noted that the submersible pump thermal protector must be waterproof, and the HCET sealed thermal protector can be effectively waterproof. A protective cover is added outside the thermal protector. The size and shape of the protective cover match the thermal protector body, which can prevent the infiltration of water and other liquids from causing damage to the motor thermal protector.

The built-in thermal protector of the water-filled submersible pump can effectively protect the safe operation of the motor and prolong the service life of the pump body. HCET HC25 series thermal protector is suitable for use in high-current submersible pumps to effectively protect the submersible pump from overheating.

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